Welcome to Greiner Buildings Inc!

“We are pleased that you are visiting our site and hope that you enjoy your visit and learn a lot about our services. Please take time to visit our wide array of photos and also research our many unique pole barn products including Post Saver, Glu-Laminated columns, Kynar painted metal panels and more. We aim to provide the absolute best value and best service available in the industry. Please contact us or send us a request and we will be very glad to help you!”

Sincerely, Matt Greiner, President of Greiner Buildings, Inc.


Greiner Buildings is the leader for Residential Building and Commercial Building needs in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. We have locations in Washington, Iowa and Kewanee, Illinois, so we can easily assist with any pole barn or post frame building construction needs you might have in Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa.

We specialize in Shome™ Buildings – expertly crafted pole barns with living quarters that are custom built. Experience luxury, comfort, and style, all with pole barn craftsmanship. We have won many awards for agricultural workshops, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and so much more. Call us to learn about how we can help you with your next project!