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Columns & Lumber in Iowa & Illinois  Post Frame Building Illinois, Post Frame Building Iowa
Greiner Buildings takes great pride in the quality of materials we use to build our post frame buildings. Every post frame building we put together is built with materials that exceed the standards. All of our buildings are built with Glu-Lam columns provided by Rigidply Rafters.

Rigidply has over 50 years of experience and has the industry’s leading warranty. Combined with Greiner Buildings workmanship, you have untouchable quality and a post frame building you can be sure will last. For all your post frame building Illinois and post frame building Iowa needs, you can count on the professional team at Greiner Buildings. Whether it be an agricultural building, cattle shed, or other post frame building, we have you covered.

post frame building Illinois, post frame building iowaGlu-Lam Columns Benefits:

  • Stronger- finger-jointed and laminated. No nails, adhesives or butt joints. Built to last these columns will not separate like nailed, adhesive or butt joint columns.
  • Straighter than most post frame columns available today on the market
  • Minimizes cracking and splitting
  • Lighter- Kiln dried after treating gives you a lighter weight post that is strong and straight.
  • The most economical true Glu-Lam Post on the market.

Not only do you get the Glu-Lam column standard on any Greiner post frame building you purchase you also get MSR 1650 Lumber. The picture shows the inside of a Greiner post frame building. The quality of MSR 1650 is unbeatable and it looks great! We can guarantee that you will be thrilled with MSR 1650 lumber. Check out the MSR 1650 list of benefits below, They really is nothing better on the market available today. Contact Greiner Buildings today for more information.

MSR 1650 Benefits:

MSR stands for machine-stressed rated, meaning it has been tested for durability on a special roller machine. Here are some of the benefits that MSR provides:

  • Assures the performance and reliability of your structure
  • Machine tested for strength and stiffness.
  • Less knots and bark
  • Meets American Lumber standards (ALS)

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