Posted: December 23, 2014

Greiner Buildings Constructs High Quality Insulated Shops in IA & IL

Greiner insulated buildings offer you the option to work rain or shine, summer or winter. Our specialized insulation systems provide premium efficiency and comfort when it comes to your new insulated shop. You need to get work done oct10and you need to stay comfortable while doing so, that’s why you chose a Greiner insulated building. We will help you create an environment that makes sense for what you are using it for and meets your vision of your specialized work space.

Insulated Post Frame Buildings

All of our insulated buildings are guaranteed to be the strongest and most energy efficient on the market. All of our building components have been tested, designed and manufactured to maximize the strength of the entire system. Our lined and insulated shops are a big investment and we want you to feel confident knowing you are getting a trusted, quality product.
We offer the following features in our lined and insulated shops:
POST SAVER COLUMN WRAP TECHNOLOGY – a permanent thermoplastic barrier system that seals wooden post between the column and surrounding ground protecting the wood from rot and decay.
INSULATED TRENCHED FOOTINGS – footings that provide a thermal break between the frost and the sub-grade, protecting your floor and adding strength.
BETTER WALL INSULATION – We install Anco Textrafine insulation which, in addition to its excellent insulating properties, is also mold and moisture resistant.

We are proud of our lined and insulated shops and stand behind all of the buildings we build. We will happily work with you no matter what project you have! Call Greiner Buildings today for more information about our Insulated Shops.