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Textrafine Insulation

Textrafine Insulation in Iowa & Illinois
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Textrafine can be obtained in rolls up to 8’ wide which works perfectly in post frame buildings—drastically reducing the number of gaps and splices in the insulated wall system. (see photo to the right).

TextraFine by Anco Products

Greiner Buildings uses only top quality insulation for our buildings. TextraFine insulation by Anco Products is made with the post frame and metal building in mind. TextraFine insulation is moisture, mold and mildew resistant preventing rust and corrosion. This type of fiberglass insulation is very ridged and will not break down or settle over time. Making it perfect for you lined and insulated building post frame building. . TextraFine expand back after compression to fill in all of the gaps giving a great coverage in your wall. Ask a Greiner Buildings representative to see a sample to consider for your next agricultural building, cattle shed, residential building, or other post frame building. For all your custom building projects in Iowa & Illinois, we offer only the very best insulation on the market today!

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam insulation has become the fastest growing trend in the post frame and metal building industry. Greiner Building offers spray foam insulation to all of our customers. Spray foam insulation is available in a closed and open cell form, with open cell being the most common. In the post frame industry 4 inches of open cell is used on the wall and 6 to 10 inches on the ceiling (depending on use of the building and geographic location). A huge advantage to using spray foam is its ability to completely cover the walls and virtually eliminate any gaps where standard fiberglass may be hard to cover.

Although spray-foam insulation does not yield extremely high R-values, the heat loss rate is greatly reduced which dramatically increases energy efficiency. See our blog for more information.

So again, remember Greinier Building for all your custom building Illinois, custom building Iowa insulation needs. We will make sure you get the best product available that will last your building a very long time, Choosing the right insulation to be installed by the right contractor makes all the difference in the quality of your post frame building. Call today for more information!


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