Kynar Painted Steel Roofing & Siding

Painted Steel Roofing & Sidingkynar metal roofing and siding ia il

Kynar metal roofing and siding can help reduce heat and preserve energy when used on our pole barns and post frame buildings. Kynar is known to reduce something called Urban Heat. Urban heat is caused when a built environment has a large portion of dark absorbing surfaces like asphalt or roofing that is dark. This traps solar energy and causes it to radiate back into the atmosphere. It can cause loss of vegetation and higher air temps in the area.

Pole & Post Frame Construction in Iowa & Illinois by Greiner Buildings

Kynar materials are excellent for our applications including pole barns and post frame buildings. Like everything we do, Greiner Buildings is looking for the very best products to use in our projects across Illinois, Iowa, and beyond. If you have any questions about Kynar metal roofing or siding solutions please don’t hesitate to give us a call. They coming in a variety of colors for any project you can think of!