Pole Barn Living

Pole Barn Living Iowa and Illinois

Pole barn living is becoming more and more popular in Iowa and Illinois. If you are trying to find a way to build a sturdy yet inexpensive home, consider a pole building home from Greiner Buildings. With all the benefits of a traditional home plus more, pole buildings are a great residential structure for residents of Iowa and Illinois. While many people may consider living in a pole barn to be a crude way to live, there are actually an endless number of design techniques that we can use to make sure your pole barn home is just as comfortable as a home built by more traditional means.

Some of the options that we offer to ensure that your pole barn home is well-suited for residential purposes, and for your lifestyle are:

  • Pole Barn Living in Iowa and Illinois by Greiner3D Design Capabilities: This allows us to let you see your home before it is built and to adapt our design as you see fit.
  • Metal Roofing: Roofing is important, since it keeps out water and contributes to the energy-efficiency of your home. Metal roofing helps by offering strong protection and reflecting warm sunlight.
  • Kynar Painted Steel: Quality color that will keep your home looking bright as the years go by.
  • Walk Doors and Windows: Every home needs doors and windows that will let in light and seal out cold air – these doors and windows not only do just that, but also add visual appeal to your home.
  • Structural Additions: We can add on a porch, cupola, loft area, awnings, brick or masonry detailing, or more to make your home as elegant as you want it.
  • Greentech Spray Foam Insulation: This will improve the energy-efficiency of your home and keep it comfortably warm all winter long.

These are just some of the reasons that more and more people are choosing pole barn living in Iowa and Illinois. If you think that this may be an option for you, contact Greiner Buildings as soon as possible.

Pole Barn Living Iowa and Illinois Services and Solutions

Shome fro Pole Barn Living in Iowa and IllinoisAnother pole barn living alternative may be to invest in a Shome, our 2015 building of the Year – Residential Division. This building represents what we see as the single most up & coming trend in post frame buildings. We often show our Shome building projects to new customers frequently and everyone is very impressed.  Our Shome buildings offer the perfect combination of living space, exterior leisure space (under the porch) and shop/storage space for items such as lawn mowers, snow-mobiles, trucks, and tractors.  Think of it this way:  Shop+Home=Shome™. To learn more about the Shome from Greiner Buildings, call us today!