Post Frame Buildings Cedar Falls

Post Frame Buildings Cedar Falls

Post Frame Buildings Cedar Falls, Iowa, Greiner Buildings

Cedar Falls, a city with a population of about 40,000, was founded in 1845 by William Sturgis. The city was originally named Sturgis Falls, when the Sturgis family moved a few years after the town was settled, it was renamed Cedar Falls because of its proximity to the Cedar River. However, every year there is a three day celebration that happens in the community to honor its original founders – the Sturgis Falls Celebration.

If you are a resident of Cedar Falls, IA, you should consider a post frame building. Iowa is known for it’s vast and beautiful farm lands, and because of the intense weather we can get, it is important to have sturdy agricultural buildings. Whether you are in need of a barn, machine shed, mini storage, or a hobby shop, Greiner Buildings can help you construct the building of your dreams. We also build custom residential and commercial buildings.


There are many benefits you can receive when choosing to build a post frame building! Some of these benefits include:

  • Timely Construction: Putting up a post frame structure can be done very quickly, especially by our professional building team at Greiner Buildings!
  • Energy Efficiency: Post frame buildings are designed and constructed in such a way that allows for great insulation, lowering your energy bills.
  • Cost Effectiveness: The materials and equipment needed to construct a post frame building are minimal, and because it doesn’t take long to build, your material and labor costs will be lower than you think!
  • Versatile Options: You can make almost any addition to a post frame building! Because of their standard frame, it is easy to add on porches, garages, and other extensions.
  • Great Quality: Our experts at Greiner Buildings are dedicated to the dreams you have for your post frame building. We take pride in our hard work and our attention to detail. We can guarantee you a quality building that will last throughout the years!
  • Long Life: Wood frames are strong, stable, secure, and made to last!

If you are interested in learning more about post frame construction, don’t hesitate to call Greiner Buildings today! We are here to help, and would be happy to build you the perfect barn, shed, or home of your dreams. We are proud to serve in Cedar Falls, IA, and surrounding areas.