Teammate Tuesday | Meet Angie Schluetter

Greiner Buildings, Inc. TEAMMATE Tuesday | Meet Angie Schluetter, Customer Service Specialist at our Washington Office! Her friendly voice is the first you hear when calling GB.

Hometown: Grew up in Cedar Falls, IA; born in Oelwein, IA

Started at GB in: Sept 2018

Family: Married 26 years to David Schluetter, we have 4 children -Dayton, Dylann, Drake & Dawsen.

Favorite Food/or restaurant we may find you at: Love nachos, and Diet Coke

Favorite Hobby/ies: enjoy game night , rock concerts🎸, and chillin’ with family👩‍👧‍👦

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Anywhere tropical with a beach side condo. To hear the waves & soak up the sun. 🏖

What brought you to GB? I was ready for a change of career and wanting more variety at work.

Do you have a particular GB job that you have been involved and really take pride in? Love helping with office décor, setting up for events, organizing drawers & cupboards

What is the favorite part about your career? The variety of my day to day duties and my co workers 😊

What is your favorite exterior post frame building color/combination? Clay & Matte Black

Do you have a special quote or saying you live by or resonate with and why? Only the threats and warnings I say to my kids 😊

Any other fun facts about yourself you would like to share? I love going to see Bret Michaels, and I know too much about his personal life.