The Benefits of a Steel Building

Steel Buildings – The Benefits Of Steel Buildings & Why GB Is The Best

Benefits of Steel Framed Buildings in Iowa & IllinoisSteel frame buildings, commonly referred to as per-engineered metal or steel buildings, are typically medium to large size buildings used for heavy commercial, light commercial, and retail industries and in some agricultural settings as well.  The benefits of steel frame buildings are a balance of square footage economics, strength, and architectural flexibility.  Economic benefits are common once building structures reach a width or span of over 80 feet or a height of over 22 feet.  Many times steel buildings must be used because of an applicable fire code or wind resistance code.  Steel buildings are well suited for heavy industrial uses because of their durability and ruggedness.  They are also great for public service buildings such as supermarkets, fitness centers, and education centers because it is possible to economically build sizable square footage and easily add cosmetically appealing architectural features.  Greiner Buildings utilizes our many years of experience in the building industry in order to design and build a perfectly fitting structure for each of our clients.

Steel frame buildings consist of a purely metal interior structure that is commonly referred to as red-iron.  This interior structure provides substantial support for snow loads and wind loads as a well as a means to attach the exterior panels.  The red-iron framing is almost always fastened to large concrete foundation and/or concrete footings.  Steel bolts are and encased in the concrete foundation while it is still wet to provide a strong connection to the red-iron columns that are fastened to the anchors by using large washers and nuts on the encased bolts.  Steel columns run vertically to the roof line and bolt to the rafter which forms the roof line.  Metal wall girts and purlins run perpendicular to (horizontally) and are fastened to the columns and rafters.  Metal wall panels and roof panels are then fastened to the girts and purlins with threaded screws that have rubberized washers to keep the building water tight.
The metal panels on steel frame buildings are typically 26 gauge with tall-ribs because the girt and purlin spacing is so great.  Metal wall panels and roofing panels are roll-formed, painted steel panels.  Steel buildings commonly utilize standing-seam roofs.  Many times steel buildings have low roof pitches such as 1/12 pitch.  Often since the roof cannot be easily seen, it will have an unpainted Galvalume finished roof.

Greiner Buildings is an authorized Star Building dealer.  We provide project planning, conceptual design work, and manage project construction of steel frame buildings.  There are enormous benefits that customers enjoy when purchasing a steel building with Greiner Buildings Inc.  There are many moving parts that comprise a complete construction project and we put all of the pieces together.  We serve as the customer’s single point of contact throughout the project, from conception to completion.  Further, we use the best suppliers, contractors, and erectors in Iowa and Illinois.  Star Buildings have a great reputation as being of the highest quality steel buildings in the industry by using thicker and stronger components than many competitor brands.  Their precision design and production is second to none.

Your Steel Building Project in Illinois or Iowa

Greiner Buildings Steel Framed BuildingsYour project starts with the pre-design process where we will have a preliminary discussion about your project.  Together we figure out the general size, style, and usage of your new structure.  We will then develop a conceptual 3-dimensional rendering that shows the layout, look, and design of your building. Then we move to a detailed discussion of the project as a whole—up to the point you prefer to have us engaged.  This may mean providing any or all of the following services:  floor planning—electrical, plumbing, HVAC, architecture, engineering, obtaining permits, site preparation, concrete, steel building construction, landscaping, waste removal to name many of those required for a successful project.  These details determine the local building codes that must be followed and sets the parameters for the design.  We will work to operate and design a great project that fits within your budget.
It takes a sizable team of professional building experts to bring a project like this together successfully. We are professionals that have been in the building industry for the majority of our lives.  We have worked together as a team for many years and provide outstanding service honestly and professionally.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.  Our customers rest assured that their project is in the hands of caring professionals that know how to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.  From our in-house designers, to our project planners and managers, and through our network of reputable and professional sub-contractors, customers get the service and workmanship that they deserve in an organized and professional manner.