The Best Choice for Cattle Buildings


Best Cattle BarnBuildings Inc. knows how important it is to have a cattle building that will keep your cattle safe and healthy. As a cattle farmer in Iowa and Illinois, you produce and profit from beef and dairy. That is why it is important that your cattle is safe from the extreme climate in Iowa and Illinois. Cattle that stays clean, dry and comfortable will result with your cattle having the best health possible.

We can provide you with a CAD 2D or 3D design so you can visualize your cattle building in Iowa or Illinois before the building begins. We will work with you to design the cattle building that will fit your needs. We have received many unique requests for cattle buildings and we work with you to provide you with the structure that will work best for you.


We offer many different features for our cattle buildings. These features include:
-Open sidewalls: Open sidewalls allows for natural ventilation, keeping your cattle cool during the summer months and
able to experience fresh air while still being confined in a safe environment.
-Mono-sloping roofs: This is a roof designed with one slope which allows for natural ventilation. This provides shade in the summer and sun exposure in the winter months.
-Dual-sloping roofs: This type of roof allows for natural ventilation also and protect the cattle from the extreme Iowa and Illinois weather.
-Concrete wall foundations: A good concrete foundation allows for a safe and reliable building structure.
-Quality doors: Greiner Buildings provides both sliding doors or hinged vent doors. Both are a great addition to your cattle
building and give your building the classic barn look.
-Insulated metal roofs: Metal roofs will last as long as the building itself. They are cost-effective and efficient in energy.
-Natural lighting panels: These panels allow for natural light to pass through the building. This gives the benefits of natural sunlight without harming the cattle with insects and extreme weather.

Greiner Buildings has over 25 years of experience and we are devoted to our customers. We use our expertise to provide you with a cattle building that is cost-effective and constructed with excellent quality in a timely matter. Let Greiner Buildings
help you design and build a cattle building that will fit your needs in Iowa or Illinois. Contact us today!